It’s apple picking season

Apple trees are interesting and exciting to have.

Just as all other garden trees they need care and pruning to maintain them alive over years.

We are lucky to have some of them however they are quite old (about 50 years and more than 6 high!) and we know that we’ll have to replace them.

We don’t use chemicals to protect our apple trees, we know that we will have less untouched fruits, but we know we will have enough to cover the needs of our family.

Pruning is usually done in early spring before the buds are forming. I’m lucky that my husband takes care of the trees and every year he climbs on the trees to prune them.

Finally in September the apples are ready to be picked with the help of a fruit picker with cotton bag attached on a telescopic adjustable handle

My recipes:
Harvest Apple Pie
Apple and Walnut Muffins

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