The Pomegranates Garden Stone House

Walking around on Crete we arrived to an abandoned traditional stone house surrounded by beautiful pomegranates and carob trees. The fruits were not as big as those we usually can see in the shops, but this place was like an enchanted place where the time once stopped.

The door was open. The first room was dived into two places by a wonderful arch, wall niches and a huge fireplace. We suppose this was the living, working and kitchen area.  Near the window a separate place. Behind this another darker room, perhaps for storage or for animals.

Outside a stone stair brought us to a terrace situated over the living room and a separate sleeping room over the dark room. This room would benefit from the heat produced by the animals downstairs.

Well we don’t know a lot about this house and our imagination made this place full of mystery.

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2 thoughts on “The Pomegranates Garden Stone House

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