Rose Hip Harvest

I love the color of rose hip berries, that’s a nice present form the rose that has gone.

What can we make with them? Cooking and crafts at least.

Crafts: Depending from the rose they may have different size, color and form. For this reason they are pretty in decorations. In the next day I will try to use them. Will see..

Food: Don’t forget: rose hips are rich of vitamin C ! I will give you some recipe links.

The harvest

After the first frost it’s time for the harvest.  Hips from the Rosa rugosa and the wild rose ones are the best

The preparation is not difficult, but quite time-consuming.

After the harvest, wash and dry them with a towel.


They can be used fresh or dried.

  • Fresh for fresh tea jelly, jam, pickles, juice, etc., but they can be shredded and used raw in salads and desserts. In this case you will have to remove the seeds and the skin irritating hairs.  To remove the seeds, trim the ends of them best with scissors. After this remove seeds with a sharp knife, rinse the hips in cold water, and drain them thoroughly. At this point you can use them straight directly or freeze them.
  • Dried (whole or broken with a mortar) they can be used for teas and as food coloring for other a pale jelly. Dry them in a dark and well ventilated place for several weeks until dry. You can also do this using a dehydration-processor or in the oven on the lowest temperature.

I hope that in the next days I will find time make some decorations and post them here.

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