Herbstmesse – Autumn Fair in Basel (Switzerland)

The autumn Fair in Basel takes place from the last Sunday in October and lasts exactly two weeks.

I decided to start post by doing a bit of research on the history.  The Herbstmesse has an old traditions as is going back more than 540 years when in 1471 when Kaiser Friedrich III granted the city the right to hold the event. Today with its special customs, such as ringing in and ringing out this is part of the living heritage of the city.

He is rewarded with the right glove when he rings out the event two weeks later. During the fortnight of festivities, the city is full of fairground rides, confectionery and market stands, and flashing, colorful lights. For many fair visitors, the highlight is the large market at Petersplatz. The Basel Autumn Fair is the largest combined funfair and trade fair in Switzerland and the Upper Rhine region. It is also the oldest fair in Switzerland.

The Basel Herbstmesse it’s much more than an usual fair, it’s the largest and oldest amusement fair in Switzerland and has grown and grown  so much that today it takes in five different locations across the city.

There is something for everybody, terrific thrill rides, culinary specialties and many handicrafts shops.

In this post I will show you some pictures (self made, as usual) and in the next days I would like to give you the recipe of “Magenbrot”  a speciality, the best one in my advice, of this fair.

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