Fall Beauties: Indian Summer Roses

Don’t hesitate, catch the fall colors and try to make roses and prepare a fabulous centerpiece or a bouquet.

Look for yellow, red and orange leaves; the kind of leaves is not important but don’t forget that for the center you will need smaller ones and afterwards bigger ones as for example maple leaves. Better collect them before they fall from the tree, so they’ll be enough pliable to make your craft.

I posted this rose in Rodpoose Photography Blog: 1st RPC

You will need:

  • Colored leaves
  • Tape, nylon string and/or raffia
  • Stick


  1. Select a stick and cut to the desired size.
  2. Select a small leaf (about 1 inch wide), fold it in half, top down the stem and roll it tight around the stick.
  3. Take a second leaf (perhaps a little bigger), fold it in half and roll it around the first leaf.
  4. Repeat increasing the size of the leaves. From time to time you may fix it with string or tape.
  5. When the center of the rose is ready use bigger leaves, but now fold them loosely around the rosebud.
  6. Finally fix the all with tape, nylon string or raffia.
  7. You can use a green tape to finish the stem.
  8. Your rose is ready!

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