Recycling candles

This is a technique that I found out myself as I still was in the college and I still practice it!

Perhaps you have old candles somewhere; this would be a simple way to recycle them. If not and you are really interested to try, buy some, cheap ounces will work as well.

In this way you can decorate your house, prepare presents or make your children happy.

I decided to prepare these candles already now, as after the preparation they will need some time to dry.

The consistence of the candles can be quite different; they may have different melting point, different size and so on.

I work with warm water, as warm as I can without burning or damaging my hands. Be careful.

You can work in the lavatory or in a bowl. I prefer the plastic bowl as I find that the temperature is more stable and I don’t have to add too much hot water from time to time.

Now we go!

You need:

  • A bowl (or the lavatory)
  • Warm water
  • Candles, different colors if possible
  • Candle wicks (maybe included in the candles)
  • That’s all


  1. Place your candles in the warm water (about 45-50°C).
  2. Let sit enough time until candles are pliable.
  3. If the candles lose their coat, you may change the water, as I did.
  4. At this point it will be possible to remove the candle wicks. Keep aside for further use; keep in mind the direction as this will improve the burning of the candle.
  5. Now stretch, squeeze the candles and eventually cut big pieces.
  6. Combine several pieces together, press and twist them lightly.
  7. While twisting, stretch them to the 3 fold size of the future candle.
  8. Fold the wax (paraffin) in 3 and place the candle wick in the center.
  9. Press well together and twist the candle carefully taking care that the wick is still in the middle of the candle. The wick should be visible on both sides.
  10. Shape the candle; stretch the wick with your fingers holding both ends.
  11. Roll with light pressure on the working surface, hit the bottom on the surface and correct the shape so that the candle can stay vertically.
  12. Take care of your hands using a good hand cream.
  13. Now the candle is ready but some time will be necessary until the water in-between the layers has evaporated and the wick completely dry.

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