Gnommy and Grapes

I’m Gnommy a forest gnome created simply for fun. I’m quite shire and I rarely come into contact with humans except of my authors.

I’m about 10 inch tall, but with my cap I appear much taller. My cap and my body are made of fir cone, while my head, hands and feet are made of clay. I’m really proud of my with straw beard! My khaki clothing are filled with lavender blossoms.

During summer I have sit for months in an old glass cabinet but, when the first frosty nights come, I’m released for a few weeks. Finally last night I went out and I was allowed to climb on wood and jump into grass.

All gnomes are vegetarian as me. My favorite food? Berries if possible still hanging berries. Today I was lucky as I found exactly what I was looking for: fresh grapes!


Author: artandkitchen

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