The Tailor of Bandung

Process and restoring photos is not only a possibility to remember the past but also to discover details that we missed at that moment.

The photos of Bams’ parents woke in me the souvenirs of our first trip in Asia (Indonesta 1988). We still stored our slides, but we never took us time to make digits photos of them.

Finally, yesterday I did it! Now I have the photos and I tried to process them.

We still didn’t use digital cameras and we didn’t take so many photos as we do now.

We arrived in Jakarta by plane and we went straight to the train station to our first destination: Bandung.

I will never forget out first meal there in a square were we bought 10 sate daging (Grilled skewerd meat) enriched with a delicious peanuts sauce served with nasi putih (plain rice).

Out guide (I mean the book) said that sarongs would be very useful and we should by some. We found some, in brown tonalities. The vendors sold them on a towel on directly on the street. How many places in the world we visited bringing our sarongs with us. Still now we always have our sarongs in vacations: we use them as cover, as scarf, as bag, we used them to carry or children and we bought some for presents. For my mother love them as towel.

In one of those streets where we bought our sarongs there was a tailor selling his services directly on the road.

I tried different effects with the picture, sometimes cropping it and once covering the motorbike.

Who is looking who? What is hanging behind the tailor? From where is the light coming? There are many things to discover…

The first picture is the original transferred directly from the slide:

Water painting effects +less contrast:

Colored pencil:

Mix of different effects and texture:

Vintage effect: