Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved (Zooming and Identifying a Church)

view mount  Bre by  Lugano

Switzerland is not only a snowy Country! In the region of Ticino, the warmer part of Switzerland, we can enjoy a lot of sun and the winter is not as freezing as in the Alps. From the mountains located above the lake we a breathtaking panorama over the lake of Lugano and the pretty villages around this area.

The sun and the clear sky allowed us to enjoy the afternoon with a superb view from monte Bré (Mount Bré) located just over the city of Lugano.

My son pointed the camera in the South and photographed the area.

Only at home on my PC I discovered what he did; he used the zoom again and again especially in the South direction.

Some villages many kilometers away appeared. At once I saw the Alps on the back of the fog of the Pianura Padana.

The village at the latest end of the lake is called Porto Ceresio.

view mount Bre by Lugano tele

Is it possible to find out how the church is called? It seems to be located on a small hill. Do you see the church in the photo?

This was the photo-discovery challenge, I was curious and I was resolved to find out how the church is called. The digital zoom of my photo editor was a big help.

view mount Bre by Lugano tele detail

Here the solution of my question:

It is the “Santuario della Madonna di San Martino” in Besano located about 20 km form my point of view!  Reference: Read/See more details here.

At the side of the walk up to the church we can see the “Via Crucis” (Salita als Santuario di San Martino).

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