Homesick Bees Swarm Went Back Home

homesick swarm

I really would like to know what happened two days ago. Iwould like to ask my bees (the swarm) why they decided to come back home.

I suppose the smarm lost its queen or it didn’t want to left the crowded hive as the weather was not attractive.

Swarms are provisioned only with the nectar or honey they carry in their stomachs. A swarm will starve if it does not quickly find a home and more nectar stores.  Didn’t it find the best conditions?

The old queen would go with the “prime swarm” and other swarms would be accompanied by virgin queens creating“after swarms.”

I only know that the swarm (“prime swarm” or”after swarm”?)  left it’s home, didn’t assemble, and finally after about one hour it decided to go back home!

Next days we will check the hieve again and we’ll see if the “old queen” came back; in this case we will find new eggs in the cells.

If not, she had gone or she was lost and the new queen need to be fertilized and in about two week we will find new eggs again and we will have a new young and I hope strong queen!

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