Tornado Potatoes

“Potatoes spirals” also known as “tornado potatoes” are sold at street hawkers as in Seoul, Bangkok, Penang, Singapore, Taipei and many other places.

Make yourself these funny potatoes spirals without any special machine. In this wonderful youtube tutorial you can see how this works:

You simply need:


  • Potatoes, small ones
  • Oil, for brushing
  • Salt and spices


  • Cutting board
  • Sharp knife
  • Wooden skewers
  • Microwave or deep frying pot with oil


  1. Wash your potatoes.
  2. Insert the skewer into the potato.
  3. Cut the potato at an angle of about 70 degrees to the skewers.
  4. Cut rolling the potatoes paying attention to keep the angle in order to make a constant cut. Cut through until the wooden skewer.
  5. Gently fun out the potato and try to held a constant distance between the slices.
  6. Now you can deep fry (swimming in oil!) your potatoes in enough hot oil or brush some oil and bake it the microwave at full power for about 3 minutes (depends form your microwave). Open the door and let evaporate the humidity. Repeat for one or two minutes until dry. Be careful not to burn them.  I opted for the microwave method as I don’t like the oil smell in the house.
  7. Dust salt and spices.

2 thoughts on “Tornado Potatoes

  1. Made for The QUEST 2014 – I was attracted to this process because of its connection to my on-line persona and its flexibility of flavor profile. It’s simple, but creative genius at the same time. Fingerling potatoes work esp well for this. I was a little awkward with the mechanics, but will get better as I practice. The finished product decorates the plate, is tasty & is a source of fun table talk. Thx for sharing this w/us. Can’t wait to try it for other friends & family. 🙂

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