4 Weeks Australia in Pictures: Koalas in the Otway National Park (Great Ocean Road)

Koalas in Orway National Park 1

Entering into the National Park we noticed many almost naked eucalyptus trees. Koalas! Yes a population of koalas in front of u!

We knew that koalas, as a leaf-eating specialist, need this kind of trees and for this reason we would find them here. What we didn’t know is that even if they have been observed sitting in or eating up to 120 species of eucalypt, koalas usually have the preference from one or a few species found at a single site. This is exactly what was happening here.

Some regions in Australia have seen their koala populations decline over a number of years, wand over, while others places (like the Otway National Park) have relatively high populations.

The balance of the ecosystem is never stable, there are many factors influencing this. For more informatins please have a look to some of the following articles:

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Koala Conservation Research Project (The Cape Otway Center)

Read scientific articles in “Scholar: koalas eukalyptus population balance”

Melbourne-Lakes Entrance_Wangaratta_Otway National  Park

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