4 Weeks Australia in Pictures: Stingray Bay and Middle Island (Warrnambool)

Warranbool and Stingray Bay and Middle Island 2

I think there are no words to describe how happy we were to meet Jan and Russ in Warrnambool!

The unforgettable days spent with them are unforgettable and we hope to have them meet this cute and friendly couple again and ….cook together of course!

They are great cooks, yes both were cooking together, perfectly synchronized and with a lot of passion!

The first evening after the long trip we were really tired. We learned how important is to wear a hut against sunstroke (even if it is not too hot!) and drink a lot of water.

Thank the “stay at home” feeling and the delicious food offered us by Jan and Russ we recovered very fast and we were ready to start for a sightseeing tour around Warrnambool.

The first step is Stingray Bay and Middle Island

It was an sunny day with a fresh breeze. The place was almost empty and we could enjoy the beauty of this place.

Russ show edible wild herbs growing on the shore. This is for us highly interesting as we always look for wild greens as well!

Stingray Bay is the entrance point of the Merri River with the sea. In the middle of the bay is Middle Island, which contains a small fairy penguin colony and sometimes (not in our case) can be waded out to at low tide.


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