4 Weeks Australia in Pictures: Tower Hill (Day Trip from Warrnambool)


Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve is situated in the crater of an extinct volcano near Warrnambool (Victoria). The reserve was formed thousands of years ago after a violent volcanic eruption that created a funnel-shaped crater which was later filled by the lake, creeks and formed the islands.

European settlers cleared much of it for grazing, firewood and destroyed almost the entire wildlife. Finally in 1961 Tower Hill was declared Victoria’s seventh wildlife reserve and a huge program started trying to reconstruct the flora and fauna to its natural state of the 1850s. The restoration based on a detailed painting of Tower Hill in 1855 from Eugene von Guerard.

Today koalas, emus, kangaroos, wombats, echidnas, sugar-gliders, possums and many species of water birds roam freely in Tower Hill.

The landscape is magnificent and this place is really worth to visit, it is located a short drive from Warrnambool!

We enjoyed this place very much with our friend Jan and Russ, thanks them we had the opportunity to see this place and the wildlife,

Some links about this place

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Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

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