4 Weeks Australia in Pictures: Kingston

After 3 days in Warrnambool we left Victory and we reached in South Australia. After about 340 km drive along an empty highway, plenty of optical illusions (fata morgana) we reached Kingston.

This place is the ‘Gateway to the South East’, Kingston S.E. is at the southern end of Coorong National Park on Lacepede Bay. This area was once home to the Ngarrindjeri, Aboriginal river people of the lower Murray River, western Fleurieu Peninsula, and the Coorong of southern, central Australia.

This famous lobster town was established in 1858 and its shallow lakes and lagoons are a haven for birdlife. The big lobster and the lighthouse are the most photographed emblem of Kingston.

More about the Ngarrindjeri peoples:


Ngarrindjeri (Wikipedia)

Ngarrindjeri Regional Authority

Economic and Cultural Values of Water to the Ngarrindjeri People of the Lower Lakes, Coorong and Murray Mouth

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