4 Weeks Australia in Pictures: Coorong National Park (from Kingston to Adelaide)

We left Kinston early in the morning as we knew we would have a long day and we will reach Adelaide only in the evening.

The first stop was the Coorong National Park where we spent some hours wondering the flora and the animal life.

Stretching more than 130 kilometers, the Coorong National Park includes sand dunes, backwater, salty lakes and is a refuge for pelicans, ducks, swans, cormorants, terns, grebes and numerous species of migratory birds.

We were glad we hat the possibility to see a shingleback lizard (Tiliqua rugosa) and take some picture of it.

Coorong National Park  (The Coorong National Park and Camping Guide)

Coorong National Park (National Parks South Australia)

Coorong National Park (Wikipedia)

Shingleback Lizard


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