Fried Black Locust Flowers

Fried Black Locust Flowers 5

Today I will propose one of my flowers recipes.

The black locust (Robinia pseudacacia) is now full in blossom. This plant is native to United States, but has been widely planted and naturalized, Europe, Africa and Asia and for this reason it is considered an invasive species in many areas.

Black Locust trees are considered an excellent nectar source for honey bees and believe me, honeybees go crazy for the flowers!

For about two weeks now we will enjoy the scent of flowers and at least once I will serve this flowers on a dish making beautiful sweets.

I fried the flowers and served them as sweets but you can also skip the sugar coating and serve these with a green salad for lunch.

You need:

o    12 black locust flowers racemes

o    2/3 cup flour

o    1 pinch baking powder

o    1 pinch salt

o    2/3 cup water or sweet white wine

o    1 tablespoon honey

o    Fresh oil to fry

o    Sugar for coating (optional)


  1. Place flowers in a bowl with iced water and turn gently to remove insects from them.
  2. Remove flowers form the water and place them on a cream kitchen towel to drain.
  3. Sift together flower, baking powder and salt. Now add water and sugar. Wish until you get a smooth batter. Let rest for 30 minutes. The batter should be fairly liquid.
  4. Dip the flower racemes one by one in the batter and then gently shake off any excess batter from the flowers and fry them in medium hot oil (160-170°C). In this way the flowers will get a lovely and crispy quickly without absorbing oodles of oil and without burning.
  5. Cook until golden and drain on kitchen pap paper.
  6. Coat them with sugar and serve.

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