Light Eggplant or Zucchini Parmigiana

Light Eggplant or Zucchini Parmigiana 1

For all those who have a lot zucchini in the garden (or eggplants), those who love to eat light food, those who love tasty food and those who love Italian food… this is the perfect recipe.

I love to prepare my tomatoes sauce myself (marinara sauce), for this reason I have always some self-made canned one on hand, but you can buy some or take a few minutes and prepare it yourself while you are roasting the zucchini.

This eggplant and or zucchini parmigiana is a fat reduced version of the traditional Parmigiano, almost no oil is necessary and you will not miss it for sure.

For this reason instead of frying the vegetables in a lot of oil, you will roast them in the oven or grilled in a non-stick grilling skillet.

You need

  • 2 kg eggplants (and/or zucchini)
  • salt to spread over eggplants
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil
  • 200 g fat-reduced mozzarella cheese, thinly sliced or roughly grated
  • 150 g parmigiano cheese, thinly sliced (parmesan cheese)
  • 2-3 cups marinara sauce (if possible with basil and oregano)
  • 1 teaspoon basil pesto sauce (or 10 fresh basil leaves)
  • 1 tablespoon oregano


  1. Slice your vegetables lengthwise, the slices should be about 5 mm thick.
  2. If you use eggplants place them in a big bowl and spread salt on them. Stir to coat them well. After 30 minutes rinse them and press out the water. This step is not necessary for zucchini.
  3. Turn on your oven to high broil or preheat your non-stick grilling skillet.
  4. Pour oil over the vegetables and coat them with your hands.
  5. Place one layer of eggplants or zucchini on your baking try (I use a silicon map for this as it is easier to clean) and broil on both sides until they change the color to light brown. Repeat with all vegetables. The same procedure with the skillet.
  6. Place your vegetables slightly vertical in your mold (or single portion molds) and add mozzarella and parmesan cheese between the layers.
  7. Combine marinara sauce with oregano and pesto and pour over the zucchini
  8. Bake 30 minutes 350°F/180°C or until sizzling but not burning.
  9. Enjoy this warm or cold with rustic bread.

Light Eggplant or Zucchini Parmigiana 2


2 thoughts on “Light Eggplant or Zucchini Parmigiana

  1. Made this delicious parmigiana tonight using Japanese eggplant. I made it in one dish and it was enough for the two of us to have a nice large portion. Next time, I might alternate eggplant and zucchini both in this dish. Either way you choose to make it — it is really delish. Nancy : )

    • Thanks a lot Nancy for your great review! After reading your kind words I really wanted to prepare this again and I made it with eggplants and the cheese I had on hand! A big THANKS!

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