The Retiro Park, Madrid (Spain)

After publishing many recipes, I would like to post a few photographs of my vacations in Spain.

First of all I will start posting some pictures of the retiro park we visited during the short stop over of a few hours in Madrid.



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6 thoughts on “The Retiro Park, Madrid (Spain)”

  1. Never been to Spain. Thanks for the photos and sharing your vacation. I have been to Mexico and Canada. In my blog I am from Michigan so the Paw Paw , Kalamazoo area gets mentioned a lot as well as the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area where my parents are from. I took a lot of vacations there. I have a sister who lives in Raleigh NC and one who lives in the Columbus OH area. Maybe I will take vacations there and write about it in my blog especially about the beautiful scenery. That’s about the best I can do. Wish I could just travel to Europe and places like that. Not now but maybe someday.

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