Sourdough Bread Baked in Wooden Oven

Sourdough Bread Baked in Wooden Oven 1

An unusual warm day (16°C) in January inspired us to bake our dinner in the garden in the wooden oven and at the end of the day (at about 11 pm) we baked two wonderful beautiful loaves.

Baking with sourdough takes more time but the flavor is amazing. This day I did not have lot of time, we came back home at 3 pm and we had not so many hours to prepare these breads. To speed the process I placed the dough in the oven (temperature switched of but light on) and I used lukewarm water (about 30°C).

The basic recipe corresponds to the recipe: Sourdough Bread on Baking Stone

We used:

1st rising:

  • 100 g starter
  • 100 ml water
  • 100 g flour

2nd rising

  • Upper mixture
  • 250 ml water
  • 500 g flour
  • 2 teaspoon salt

3rd rising

  • Flour for basked


  1. All started at about 3 pm with the first refreshing of the starter (1st rising); this takes about 5 minutes. The starter came into to house oven; switched off + light on = about 27°C
  2. In the garden we began to heat the oven, after about 3 month of resting the humidity needs first to get of the construction. For this reason the oven need more time to heat.
  3. Back to the kitchen I used this time for marinating the lamb meat and prepared the vegetables (zucchini) for our dinner.
  4. 5 pm: it’s time for adding the additional ingredients, kneading and proofing again (2nd rising). I had only 4 hours time, but overnight in the fridge would be better.
  5. 9 pm: shaping of the loaves and proving in baskets with floured towels (3rd rising)
  6. The oven is ready to be used for the dinner. After baking dinner. Yummy! 
  7. 11 pm thanks the warm place the bread are ready to be scored and baked (about 20 minutes).

Sourdough Bread Baked in Wooden Oven Sheet



Sourdough Bread Baked in Wooden Oven 2


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6 thoughts on “Sourdough Bread Baked in Wooden Oven”

    1. Hi Amy, thanks! I tried to make a diagramm for easier following for the steps and to include the refreshing of the sourdough starter. I hope this will be helpful!

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