Lima – Peru 2015

Lima 0

The first day after the long intercontinental flight we headed directly to the center of Lima by bus and stopped at the Santa Rosa de Lima church for our self-guided walking tour.

The preparation of several months, reading books and consulting the internet for the preparation were really worst and I had fun. So we are, the first day, a Sunday morning.

Today’s fun was the slow-down (Gran Bicicleteada) Sunday in occasion of the 480th anniversary of Lima with many bicycles around the Plaza de Armas.

Enjoying this wonderful summer days we walked around the town, saw the “cambio de guardia”, listened to the music during a Catholic celebration and cooled down with an ice cream.

Back home I was surprised how many photos we collected during three weeks of travelling in this wonderful Country and a selecting the photos, looking at the imagines I went back with my mind to South America discovering more and more details.

I made my section “by feeling”, without thinking too much and without pretending to give a specific name to every photo, building, place and so on. It’s something like wondering around again and bringing some of my impressions here to share with my friends.

These posts will not be like a travelling guide, but I will give you a few tip that might help you if you will have the opportunity to travel as we did.


  • If it’s a sunny day you have to use protective cream and sunglasses!
  • Good shoes, you will walk a lot (as overall in Peru)!
  • Some churches opens and are free to visit only during celebrations.
  • Make a break in a coffee shop from time to time and enjoy the life around you.
  • Take always a map with you and if possible a copy of the map with the legend of your guide-book.
  • Keep you money safe (on your body) but be sure you have little money including coins in an accessible place in your bag for example for bus tickets, for the small purchases and meals.
  • To do: Watch at the cambio de guardia by Government Palace and Plaza de Armas
  • To do: Visit church of San Francisco, its museum and catacambs
  • To do: have a walk at Larcomar
  • To do: Try ceviche and Pisco sour
  • Busses and Taxis are OK, but if it is possible choose a hotel/guesthouse about a few blocks (4 blocks was fine for us) in Miraflor not too far from the “METROPOLITANA” connection. (Linea C, Stop for Lima City: Jirón de la Unión; Stop for Miraflor for example: 28 de Julio)




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