Chiles Poblanos Rellenos de Maíz y Algo Más – Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Corn and Something More

Chiles-Poblanos-Rellenos-de-Maíz-y-Algo-Más-1Ese receta fue una improvisación con lo que tenía teníamos en casa y salió tan sabrosa que pensé de escribirla.

Si prefiere sacarle la piel, la manera más fácil es de asarlos antes, ponerlo en una bolsa de plástico por más o menos 15 menudos y después sacarle la piel.

¡La receta consiste en 4 ingredientes: chiles poblanos, maíz (de la lata), salsa Boloñesa y un Queso tipo Oaxaca (deshebrado). Se puede substituir la salsa Boloñesa por cualquier carne cortad en trocitos y condimentada con una salsa de tomates. Puedo imaginarme que eso se pueda hacer también con atún con tomates o camarones!

El queso Mexicano se puede substituir por mozzarella rallada o con cheddar rallado.

Chiles Poblanos Rellenos de Maíz y Algo Más

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
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  • 4 chiles poblanos medianos, reducido a la mitad y sin semillas
  • 1 lata de maíz, lavado
  • 1 vaso de Boloñesa (lista y bien sabrosa!)
  • 100 g de queso Oaxaca deshebrado.


  1. Calienta el horno a 180°C/ 350°F.
  2. Corta en mitades los chiles y coloca en un recipiente para horno.
  3. Rellena los chiles con el maíz.
  4. Cubre el maíz con algunas cucharadas de Boloñesa
  5. Ponle encima el queso.
  6. En el fondo del recipiente añade medio vaso de agua.
  7. Lleve al horno a gratinar por 20-30 menudos o hasta que el queso se funda y queda bien dorado.

This recipe has been created with the ingredients that my son had on hand.

If you prefer to peel the poblanos prior preparation the simplest way is to burn the skin on the flame, place them in a plastic bag for about 15 minutes and then it will be easy to remove the skin.

As only 4 ingredients were used, the preparation was very quick. In the fridge we had the poblanos, the Bolognaise sauce and the cheese, while in the pantry enough tin of con were ready to be used.

The Oaxaca cheese (completely new to me) reassembled to a dry mozzarella, the taste was similar, but more salted. A cheddar cheese would be a great variation as well.

This recipe could be prepared with other meat combined with tomatoes sauce (for example shredded chicken, chopped ham…) but I can imagine that with tuna (from the tin) or shrimps could be great as well.

I did not add spices as the Bolognaise was spiced enough, but some fresh cilantro would be perfect as well.

Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Corn and Something More

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
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Autor: Chiles-Poblanos-Rellenos-de-Maíz-y-Algo-Más-1

You need:

  • 4 chiles poblanos, cut once lenghtwise and remove seeds
  • 1 tin corn, drained
  • 1 cup tasty Bolognaise sauce
  • 100 g Oaxaca cheese, shredded ( or Mozzarella or cheddar cheese)


  1. Preheat the oven at 180°C/ 350°F.
  2. Prepare the chiles in a baking mold.
  3. Distribute the corn into the halved peppers
  4. Spoon Bolognaise sauce over the corn.
  5. Top with cheese.
  6. Add 1/2 cup of water to the bottom of the baking mold
  7. Bake for 20-30 minutes or until the cheese is browned.


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7 thoughts on “Chiles Poblanos Rellenos de Maíz y Algo Más – Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Corn and Something More”

  1. I’m surprised that the directions don’t indicate to peel the poblano peppers first. I always remove the peel, seeds and membrane. For this recipe I used leftover marinara sauce and I also roasted the corn (frozen corn because I rarely if ever use canned corn). Three cheeses: Oaxaca, ranchero and cotija. Very smart way to use up a surplus of spaghetti/pasta sauce. I did garnish the rellenos with fresh cilantro from the garden. Served with black beans and a summer fruit salad.

    1. Hi dear CG! Thanks a lot for your informative review and the details of your preparation! WOW I love your selection of cheese I would love to see them in the shops here. Reading about your preparation and the cilantro I imagined how good it smelled in your house.
      I love any kind of peppers, for stuffing I never remove the skin, I remove the seed and the membranes if there is still a lot.
      For roasted pepper recipes, I always remove the skin after roasting prior further preparation for example for the salsa tatemada. I will add your suggestion in the introduction. Thanks!

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