Impressions of La Paz Mexico


Once more I’ve been travelling around the world. This time it was the turn la Paz of Mexico I had the chance to stay in a private apartment surrounded by wonderful people.

Mexico is a huge Country, sometimes it is seen as a dangerous Country, but it is so big, that you can also find quiet and cozy places; as for example la Paz in Baja California Sur.

I had a hug program for these two weeks and I will try to prepare a few posts about it.

Today’s post is “simply” la Paz, the town.

La Paz, as I just told you before is a quiet place, you will find a long long walkway along the sea, many restaurants, yachts/boat, a cute historical center, shopping centers, universities but still not too much traffic (compare to other big towns), old American busses … a real relaxing peaceful place. La Paz means peace and it’s really a peaceful place.

The beautiful waterfront of the town, with its wide sidewalk, tiny beaches, tourist pier, benches, sculptures by local artists and unimpeded sunset views, has become the city’s biggest highlight. It stretches 5.5km (3.5 Miles), from the Marina de la Paz in the south, to Playa Coromuel in the north.

Except of dinner and movie, I’ve been not walking around in the night, I have no idea what is going on at that time (dancing, shows…). We simply travelled, visited the town, beaches, a museum and had lazy time.

Our highlights:

In this post I will first of all post a few picutures of la Paz. I hope you will enjoy the tour!

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