The Beaches of La Paz (Mexico)


La Paz is a picturesque town situate near a natural bay (Bahia of La Paz in the Sea Of Cortez) the east coast of the Peninsula of Baja California at the sea.

La Paz is not itself a beach city even if the white-sand beaches that line the Malecón (waterfront) look very attractive and are easy to be reaches, but locals don’t generally swim there — La Paz is a commercial port and the water in the bay is not particularly clean.

The best solution is to take a drive (10- to 45-minuts) to one of lovely beaches with turquoise water.

The first beach is the “La Concha”, then you will find the Caimancito, the Tesoro, the Coromuel, the Tesoro and with a little extra effort, you can reach the most beautiful of these outlying beaches, playas: the  Balandra and Tecolote Beaches, approximately 30 km (18 miles) from La Paz at the end of a paved road.

The first place we visited was the Tesoro beach, as I saw beautiful pictures of it and I knew I would have the chance to enjoy a simple but tasty meal. It’s also a great place for children were children may play in the shallow water or rent a canoe.

The second place was the famous Balandra beach with its impressive stone. No food and no drinks here, bring enough drinking water but please don’t let your waste at the beach! This beach was so beautiful that we came again another day and I go there again and again. The huge natural bay with white sand make the blue/turquoise water look divine. Be careful with currents especially if you cannot swim, even in shallow water the currents could turn dangerous. Near the beach we had a walk to the top of the hill nearby: wow!

The third beach on this side was the Tecolote. We enjoyed here a great tasty dinner and a unique sunset! This beach is one of the favorite of locals!

Don’t forget to take with you: sun glasses, hut and a sun cream with high protection!


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