Reykjavik (Iceland, day 1)



The traveling addiction  caught us once more and in a few hours we started our northern adventure: 13 days around Iceland renting a car sleeping in hotels and if possible guesthouses.

I’ve always posted my impressions after my vacations, we travel with cameras and tablets  but without laptop.

For the third night we got an hotel with a PC for guests and why not start blogging from here in Iceland?

With my quick posts I will bring you here with us. I hope you will enjoy them!

Well, I’m at home now, the wonderful vacations were so intense that we really did not have time to spend in the internet and now I’m readjusting my first two posts.

We start in the capital, in Reykjavik airport and after picking up the car and stopping on the way for shopping some basic food we reach the guesthouse.  After that half an hour rest.

Music, voices, laughting and screaming … what is happenung here? Young peple  dressed up with white clothes welcomed the new high school students! Funny and impressive!

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We spent the day walking around this new city and the harbor where we admired the incredible Harpa, the concert hall.

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Reykjavik center is really cute, the traditional houses and colorful modern buildings as the modern church fit perfect together.

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