From Kirkjubæjarklaustur to Djúpivogur (Iceland, day 5)


This we had a long drive starting from our hotel and passing by Kirkjubæjarklaustu. On the way we stopped at a river near Foss a Sidu where we played with the exposure of the camera we also stopped to take some pics of the Kálfafell montain and the wonderful landscape.

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A wonderful walk to the Svartifoss waterfall was today’s highlight; hiking on a easy trail trough an incredible beautiful flora with plenty of flowers, birds and small trees we reached the waterfall framed by splendid basalt rocks! Not to be missed!

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Only a few kilometer further we found another place to visit which was not mentioned in the South Iceland t0urist map: the Svinafellsjökull with a glacier landing and melting in a small lake. A great place to have a rest and have our sandwich.

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Finally we arrived at the “Glacier Lagoon”. Huge blocks of ice constantly break off the glacier, Breiðamerkurjökull, and large icebergs float on the Jökulsárlón lagoon and drift through a canal under a bridge and arrive to the sea. The lagoon is not very wide but it is up to 250 meters deep which makes it the deepest lake in Iceland. Breiðamerkurjökull is an outlet of the Vatnajökull glacier. Like diamonds some of the blue ice blocks land on the black sand beach. In the lagoon had the change to spot a seal swimming between the icebergs: what for a spectacle!

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We continued our drive with another stop at Hoffell for a relaxing bath in the “hotpot”. The rain started and did not stop until we reached our overnight place at Djúpivogur on the east coast of the island.






8 thoughts on “From Kirkjubæjarklaustur to Djúpivogur (Iceland, day 5)

  1. This is a very unknown landscape. The ice is fascinating. And then there’s the “butte” but it’s green–lots of volcanic activity. Wow. Thanks for all the slideshows.

  2. What a wonderful trip! I devoured all five of your posts and want to read them all over again. Your scenery photography is stunning! ❤

    • Hi Athina! Thanks a lot! As soon as I will have more time I will report the following days. We drove around Iceland in 12 days! Iceland is spectacular and I will go back there again for sure.

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