From Djúpivogur to Húsavík, (Iceland, day 6)


After the raining night we woke up and found out the sky was opening and the heavy rain washed our car almost perfectly and shining! A quick breakfast and we continued our trip. We had to cross the island and reach the north coast!

The fist part of today’s ring road started by climbing up the hill on a not paved road. Well, we will get used to that!

On the way further we stopped and enjoyed the amazing view looking down to the point we started. Waterfalls, sheep and a rainbow were worth for some additional pics and a short break.

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At Egilsstaðir a small town on the banks of the river Lagarfljót we bought our lunch and we continued along Jökuldalur Valley and across the highland desert of Möðrudalsöræfi. On a plateau with a great view to many volcanoes was the perfect place to rest and enjoy our lunch.

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Travelling to the north we took another not paved road and visited the powerfull Dettifoss waterfall, the largest waterfall in Europe. These image can give only a little bit the impression of the power of this waterfall!

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From here we proceeded further to the north and drive to Ásbyrgi Canyon, a strange and spectacular horseshoe shaped canyon not to be missed.


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Proceeding in the direction Húsavík we reached the sea and once again we were happy to see such spectacular breathtaking light effects.

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Húsavík is sometimes called “The Whale Watching Capital of The World” as it was the first place in the country to offer very successful Whale Watching cruises. The Whale Museum in Húsavík is an educational centre on marine wildlife.

No whale watching for us, we simply enjoyed a warm bath in the hot tubes just outside of the town and a good sleep after the long drive.



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