Around Origlio Lake


This year I’ve spent my Easter holidays in Ticino (Italian speaking part of Switzerland) where we enjoyed lukewarm days with the family and with friends.

After lunch we decided to have a walk, not hiking, but simply a few enjoyable hours in the nature around the protected area of the lake of Origlio.

No camera, this time, but my smartphone with one of my favorite apps “Wikiloc” to record the trail. So we are, I hope some of you will enjoy the photos and perhaps once the walk!


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2 thoughts on “Around Origlio Lake

    • I visited that place after many years ago. As child I was used to there for swimming. Years later tourist came and the nature suffered a lot, not it’s a beautiful place to enjoy for a walk, there a picnic places. To protect the environmental no fires (even not for grilling) or swimming is allow. It’s sad, but it was really necessary and nature is recovering quickly! 🙂 Thanks a lot for your comment and visiting my blog!

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