Day 2: Stay at Home or In the Garden; the Wildcat

What’s going on today in our small world?  What can we present today? I’m super glad I can present you an attractive and intersting animal: the European wildcat! Wildcat are not domestic cat living in the forest (without an owner), How many times this beautiful, shire guest visited our garden, how many times we tried to observe it, and finally we had the opportunity to take a few pics. Wildcats are mostly nocturnal, but they may appear also during the daytime when undisturbed by human activities. Several times we tried to attract this cat (we call it “miau”) we offered him something to eat, but it never possible to approach him as miau disappeared in a few seconds. Today we were lucky to spot him in the garden. It was little far away, but not to near, so that he could feel unsafe because of our presence. The camera was ready and this time I could take pictures of him. We don’t know if miau is a pure wildcat, but in any case it looks like a wildcat and he tries to avoid humans. Do YOU know more? We are always happy when miau comes to visit our garden and I imagine he will help us to keep rodents under control. More about Europeans wildcats:

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2 thoughts on “Day 2: Stay at Home or In the Garden; the Wildcat

  1. She certainly looks like she has a lot of wildcat genes. The thick tail is typical. Pure wild cats have tufts of hair on the edge of the ears and a noticeable black blob of fur on the end of the stripy tail. Great post and idea!


    • Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and your input. I hope I will have the opportunity to take more picture of the cat so that I will attach them to this post. Your blog is great!!!


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