Winter Grey


This is one of my favorites place in the forest. The trees are simply amazing and this by all kind of weather. I love colors and I love the sun, but I also like mystic look where colors seems to be erased and the world only in black and white.

Note: photos without adjustments.


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A Warm Winter Day Hiking

While an Arctic cold front is tracking across Canada and the United States the weather is Europe is incredible mild and give us the opportunity to imagine that the winter is almost over.

These have been taken in the countryside and in the forest during the golden hour. Enjoy these warming pictures!

Following the deer path…


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How many days I spent playing in the forest, looking for herbs, berries, flowers and mushrooms!

I grew up near the forest and this was my secret resort that I shared only with the best friend.

Today I went out and I enjoyed a spectacular sunset in the forest.

I found the deer path that brought me to a place with a multitude of different mushrooms.

Yes, some of them are edible, but I decided to simply look for mushrooms. Or better, looking and photographing.

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Sunset in the forest

It’s fall, the days are still not too cold and even in the night the temperature is still above of the freezing point.
Today it was a wonderful day that after work I decided to go out for a walk looking for fall color and to see what’s going on in the natural enchanted garden.
This was the best decision as in the forest I had just the time to enjoy the sunset.
I’m glad I took the camera with ne an so I can like to share some images with you.
Following the deer path I discovered some hidden beautiful treasures. Follow me in next post I will publish them as soon as I have time.

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