December 22nd (Advent 2016)



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Sugar Cookies Christmas Tree

Sugar Cookies Christmas Trees

I ‘m quite late in preparing Christmas cookies this year and simplified my actions making variations on sugar cookies. For this recipe I added the baking powder for more volume!

Today I will present you my Christmas trees I will use a table decoration.

The quantity of dough you need depends on the size of the tree you will make. This post will be a simple input or suggestion for your own creation. This makes a wonderful gift!

Children will love it!

You need:

  • Sugar cookies dough (see my recipe or take your favorite one)
  • Powdered sugar
  • Liquid for the glaze: it works with rum, lemon juice, milk or other liquids
  • Food coloring
  • Sugar pears
  • Cookie cutters in star shapes as much size as you get!
  • Something for the base of the tree (I used a tuna fish can inverted, but you can use a piece of wood or other support)
  • One wooden skewer (not too thin!)
  • Decoration for the base (foil, color, decoration tape, ribbon,…)


  1. Roll out the dough and chill before cutting.
  2. Cut out the stars beginning from the bigger size. I made two stars with each size, but if you don’t have many sizes you can cut out more.
  3. Make a small hole with the skewers (turning the skewer in order to make the hole larger)
  4. Bake according the recipe. Let cool down
  5. In the meantime prepare your green glaze. I used one cup of powdered sugar, added to color and the liquid (I used rum) stirred and added more until I the glaze had a thick consistence but was not too liquid.
  6. Prepare the support: I made a hole on the base of a tuna can and inserted the skewer. For stabilization I inserted a cork thong in the inner part and fixed it with hot glue. In 10 minutes in was done.
  7. I covered the base with aluminum foil before inserting the stars.
  8. Paint the first stars with a brush or simply with the fingers. The center of the star is not relevant your need to cover the borders of the cookies as well as possible with the glaze.
  9. Insert the first star into the skewer.
  10. Now paint the second one and insert it over the first star. They should look staggered!
  11. Continue in the same way.
  12. When you are on the top cut the exceeded skew (a scissor was fine for me) letting 1 cm on the top.
  13. Use two small stars placed vertically to cover the skewer top and make the tree pretty.
  14. When the green glaze is dry, prepare the white one in the same way, should not be too thin!
  15. Now let drop the white glaze using a small spoon beginning from the top.
  16. Quickly add the sugar pearls before the glaze is too hard.
  17. Let dry and finish to decorate the base eventually with a cute ribbon.