Day 31 Stay at Home or In the Garden: Busy Bees

It’s high season now for our bees! Plenty of flowers around and a lot of sunshine.

It’s almost one month we did not have a real rain, therefore we were afraid that the nectar production of the blooming fruit trees, could be too slow.

We are lucky, now our little bees have enough to do!

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Day 24 Stay at Home or In the Garden: Bees amd Cherry Blossoms

In the midlle of our garden enjoying the song of my little bees pollinating the blooming cherry three.

Peaceful realaxing moments in another world away from everything.

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Bee and Basil Flowers

Days are much shorter now, but we are still enjoying mild autumn temperature.

My African basil has plenty of flowers and the bees are avid guest!

Fly dear bee to the flowers enjoy the warm rays before the winter comes!

Malva Flowers and Bees

Spring is over and nectar sources are decreasing now.  Beekeepers are planning the honey harvest and prepare the hives for next season.

Mite control is now a “to do”. Bee diseases: Varroa (mites) control in Switzerland

In the garden a huge mallow plant got many guests. Too pretty for not stopping by and taking some pictures

Poppy Flower and Bee (Red Color and Bees)

Poppy Flower and Bee

Can bee’s see red color?

Bees don’t see red.

To a bee, red will appear the same as black, but they will be ble to see any ultra violet reflected from what is to us a red (or black) surface.No. A bee’s colour vision extends from orange-yellow to ultra-violet. They can’t see red, but they can see ultra-violet, which we can’t.

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Apricot Blossom and Butterfly

The winter is gone and it’s spring now. It’s a pleasure looking at the bees and the butterflies in the garden collecting the nectar from the flowers. 

Sometimes I would hold the time, feel the sun warming us again, smell the perfume of the flowers and sit quite for a long time looking at what is going around.

Here some pics of these moments.


Spring in the Air

After two very mild  winter days we really feel the spring in the air. In the garden mostly white and violet or purple flower are appearing everywhere and we almost think it’s already spring. The rhubarb is ready to come out … the countdown already begun  !

Wintersweet and Honeybee (January)

Chimonanthus praecox, “wintersweet”, is a flowereing plant endemic from China.

Since I was a child I was attracted by this beautiful so nice scented plant.

Late in the winter, but this year already mid January, we can find this flours in some garden. We enjoy this flowers and if the sun is shining and we have the opportunity to get 10°C, we can see that honeybee love this flours as well.