Blue: The Color of My Choice

My favorite does’t exist! Depending on the season, the place where I’m at the moment, our activity (cooking, travel, resting…) and simply at the moment, I can be impressed by all the colors. In general I love bright colors, I love the light and I avoid the dark.

Especially on Crete, my favorite place in the world, I love to sit and look at the blue sky and the blue sea; I can understand why so many song  tel about this nature.

For this reason I decided to choose “Blue” for this challenge! I hope you will like my quick selection of photos of my travels (not only Crete! 🙂

Post prepared for Cee’s photo Challenge

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Orange and Pink Sunsets Around the World

Orange and Pink Sunsets Around the World . “Post prepared for Cee’s photo Challenge

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In the south of Switzerland, in the Italian speaking part of Country a small village is waiting to be admired by thousands and thousands of guest every year. It’s a very special village, placed at the border of Lugano Lake (also called Ceresio) and it southern exposition makes growing of cactus and palms possible.

From here you can walk up to the San Salvatore Mountain, but you can also simply sit down in a restaurant enjoying the panorama and the milk climate.

A small walk trough the small road of the village, up to the church should not be missed-

Here a few pictures of this place during Christmas time.


Respect for Nature and Cretan Flowers

Crete has an amazing flora, rich in variety with over 2,000 different kinds of flowers; of them at least 150 plants and wild herbs are endemic, which means that they do not exist in any other place in the world. An incredible variety of orchids are spread all over the island, different colors, sizes and many of them with sweet smelling scent.

The fabulous spring, with all the colors is like the garden of the paradise and when the sun burns the flowers in lower altitudes in the mountain and in the gorges we can find many many flowers all year round.

Arriving on Crete we immediately can smell the scent of this island covered with aromatic  herbs and plants. No wonder that Cretan food is so goo!

Respect the flowers, don’t pick up orchids an other rare flowers; take a picture instead the flowers will be preserved and your souvenir will stay longer! Thanks!

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Night of Stars

Only four months ago we tried our fist experiments in catching the night stars and photographing the milky way, but at the end of February the core of the milky way will be visible again and I hope we will got the chance to escape the light pollution, get clear weather and some time for our beginners experiments.

I can’t wait to be again on Crete for a few days, enjoy the milder weather and the bright stars again!