Sharing Recipes and Pictures of Food: Before and After of Salsa alle Noci


I’ve been cooking since more than 30 years but only the last years I discovered taking pictures of the food helped me to increase the attraction for them and sharing my recipes and photos I learned much more than what I did in the past 30 years.


The process of learning from other food enthusiasts is still ongoing and will never stop. I don’t know how many recipes online and book I read, and home many delicious dishes I’ve been able to enjoy!

I would like to start a new series of posts that teach you all how I got my knowledge and secrets in this of how I came to blogging and got more than thousand followers.

I know that though this series of posts I will learn much more by searching and thanks your precious inputs, this will be our goal.


Looking back at my recipes and my photos I found that “learning from mistakes” was very important for me and “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know” (Aristotle).


Make always local copies or hard copies of your recipes and work!

Before, after and then? (October 2010)Salsa alle noci

  • Title: Walnut Sauce for Noodles (Salsa Alle Noci)
  • Introduction: 1 line
  • Ingredient “cream” instead “heavy cream”
  • Short description; easy recipe
  • Quote: very good
  • Photo: bright colors of the background, lightening problems due to artificial light. Wonderful photo posted by Momaphet this made my new default! (February 2013)

Salsa alle noci

  • Title: Salsa alle Noci – Italian Walnut Sauce
  • Introduction: 6 lines with personal inputs
  • Ingredient “heavy cream” specified. Alternative ingredient added.
  • Short description; easy recipe. Suggested variations.
  • Quote: very good and more alternatives posted
  • Photo: Change to pastel colors and 10 to 10 natural back-light color. Addition of one intermediate step.
  • Copyright not correct

More improvement possible through:

  • More general information’s about the recipe (example history) and more “emotional” personal inputs.
  • Make a list of suggestions by reviewers.
  • More intermediate photos and if possible of the table with glasses, wine… the reader should wish to be there and have plate with this delicious sauce.
  • Follow copyright rules.

Possibilities for the photo: ingredients, intermediate steps, macro of the dish, attractive table setting and decorations, playing with different lights angles.