Only Wood Textures

A few of my today’s pics from the wood near our bees house. This wood, sometimes painted and sometimes not, had been exposed by all kind of weather so that the original texture changed a lot.

Post prepared for Cee’s photo Challenge

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Blue: The Color of My Choice

My favorite does’t exist! Depending on the season, the place where I’m at the moment, our activity (cooking, travel, resting…) and simply at the moment, I can be impressed by all the colors. In general I love bright colors, I love the light and I avoid the dark.

Especially on Crete, my favorite place in the world, I love to sit and look at the blue sky and the blue sea; I can understand why so many song  tel about this nature.

For this reason I decided to choose “Blue” for this challenge! I hope you will like my quick selection of photos of my travels (not only Crete! 🙂

Post prepared for Cee’s photo Challenge

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Norway: Norway: Lofoten Islands (once more on Moskenesøya – Flakstadøya)


This additional day in the southern part of Lofoten had been so amazing that I could prepare many single post with single photos to bring them to the public and show the stunning landscape of Lofoten; an almost surreal beauty!

We continued the trip of two days before, we visited Ramberg and we continued in direction of Fredvang with the view of the bridge and the mountain on the back. A group of lady stopped at the parking and in a few minutes they were ready to start to hike. The morning had started with unpredictable weather, but at this moment is was fine and sunny and we decided to follow this group of ladies. The hike over the hill was amazing and the view from the mount Heia.

You can find this trail in my wikiloc post: Heia, View over Fredvang

Not far away from Fredvang beach we found the iconic photography spot of the meander of a small river.

We finished this day going back to Reine and surrounding again, for a few photos during sunset, then we headed home.

Just before going be we decided to place most of the luggage in the car to be ready to leave early in the morning to catch the ferry. Outside we saw the stars and the begin of the mystic green light: the aurora! What for a big gift just before living theses islands!

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Norway: Norway: Lofoten Islands (Vestvågøy– Austvågøya)


Lofoten is huge and in 3 days we cannot visit everything! From now on the weather was fantastic and the second day had been dedicated first to Vestvågøy and then Austvågøya. The first day had been dedicated to the southern part and the next day to the north.

The main attraction of this day was Henningsvær, but first we visited the fjord by Tangstad, the beach by Unstad and the lake near Holdal.

Heading north we had a stop at Torvdalshalsen picnic place where we enjoyed the splendid view in direction of Leknes.

On Austvågøy we stopped many times for a few pictures until fimnally we arrived at Henningsvær just in time for our picnic near the sea.

On Wikiloc we saw that we could have a short hike over this place , temperature and weather were perfect. This was our trail with a few more photos:

View over Henningsvær

For the return trip we opted not to follow the main road, but to take the road by the coast by Valberg.

The places, the nature (with all the berries and mushrooms), the view, the lakes, the sea, the mountains, the villages, the sunset filled our intensive day but we know we still missed a lot this day. These places are so beautiful and magic;  will come back for sure!


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Norway: Norway: Lofoten Islands (Moskenesøya – Flakstadøya)

As the most travelers we reached Lofoten Islands with the ferry to Moskenes.

The day of arrival we did not have a lot of time to stop for sightseeing, but after a good sleep in our apartment in Leknes, we were ready to start or northern adventure.

The idyllic location of our apartment near directly in front of the sea was more than amazing.

The day started with clouds and little sun and finished with storm and rain.

After taking a few picture of our location we started discovering the islands driving back to Moskenesøya by the underwater tunnel.

The main places we got to reach and visit before the torrential rain forced us to rest in a restaurant and later going back home were:

Myrland, Nusfjord, Vikten, Reine and Hamnøy.


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Norway: Bodø to Lofoten (Moskenes)

We left the mainland, the busy town, the harbor and quite waters. The dark clouds in the blue sky gave the landscape a surreal dramatic look.

Sunshine rays though the cloud highlighted small island and the always bigger waves. A few drops, more and more drops. Wind like a storm. A rainbow and a short quite intermezzo; we fall asleep for awhile.

The captain compensated the waves and we drove to south-west. An announcement told us we would have delay because of the bad sea conditions; now the ship had to turn straight in the direction of Moskenes and we released how big and how deep the wave are!

The cars, will they be safe, will the hand brake be enough strong? From this moment we did not fell well, I’ve forgot to take some medicine with be against seasickness.

Well this will finish, we tried to breath slowly, look at the horizon straight away and look at the huge huge waves across the sea.

The beautiful silhouette of the islands came nearer and finally we saw the lighthouse of the harbor.  So happy to be there!

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Norway: Trondheim

We arrived in Trondheim (the former capital of Norway) just after the sunset during the blue hours. The light and the reflections of the houses in the water are amazing and we enjoyed the city-walk and the skyline.  It’s not a big city, but the kings -residence and the old houses makes this town very much enjoyable and we regret not having more time to stay here. The big North is waiting for us!

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Norway: Trondheim to Bodø

This journey is quite long and we divided it into two days: the first day Trondheim to Mo I Rana took us about 10 hours including stops and the second part from Mo I Rana to Bodø was shorter and in less than 6 hours as were in Bodø on time for the ferry and with some reserve for a tour in the town.

It was (or it is not) easy to make a selection of picture for this post: the way was long, many impressions, different kind of landscapes, change of weather, sea or mountain…

Sometimes we think that a sunny day is a “good weather day”, but especially here in the north, rain, fog and clouds makes the places special and mystic. Which photo do you prefer?


Milestones: Northern Norway gate and arctic circle.


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